Humes & Berg Stonelined Cleartone Trombone Mute (153)

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  • Also known as a "Solotone Mute"
  • It is a brilliant and mellow soprano distinctive sound that projects out clearly
  • Gives a desired tonal effect for the soloist and a complete brass section.

Product Description

Stonelined Cleartone Trombone Mute

federico pellegrini
March 1, 2020
A techno geek
November 16, 2018
This mute has such soul and character. I don't understand the reviews that say this is mute is only for special pieces. It is the ultimate muted trombone sound! It fits just fine in a King 2B bell. It sharpens the pitch about 1/3 a half-step, but that is the nature of the physics of this tone. All the tones are solid except the F below the staff in 6th position which is mushy. It blows quite freely. But man these H&B mutes are ugly! The Frankenstein rivets, the scalloped edges, the clown-red paint. The original Shastock Solotone mutes looked much much classier, but alas, they went the way of the Big Bands. Emo makes Solotone Trombone mutes that look great (plastic or aluminum), but cost twice as much and seem to sell only in Europe, and I have no idea how they sound. This H&B Cleartone mute takes you into another world.

Update: This just in: I picked up a vintage Shastock Solotone Mute, and compared it with the Clear Tone. The Solotone is about 3/4" longer on the narrow part (same opening width), 1/4" longer on the wide part, which is 1/4" narrower. But after numerous A/B tests, I can't detect any difference in the tone or performance. Both raise the pitch by the same amount. No difference on loud, no difference on soft, no diff on low, no diff on high. So if you wondered if you were getting "the real deal" with the Clear Tone, worry no longer. It's da kine. Just one thing about that Solotone, though --- it looks cooler.
william m birdsong
July 27, 2017
Works as it should. Good service from supplier. I wold suggest roughing up the cork with a brush and maye dampening it to pr vent it from falling out while playing.
Chris Wilson
March 30, 2017
Been lead trombone of a big band the past 10 years. Needed to have more of an authentic "40's Dorsey" -like sound. Especially for the solos. This mute has come in handy. Many compliments on how the Cleartone sounds with the band. If you are pursuing to be a big band lead trombone player, I highly recommend having a Cleartone (I always called a Solotone) mute as part of your mute collection.
July 4, 2014
If you play a lot of period jazz gigs, you need to have this mute in your bag. Stock big-band charts often call for "solotone mute." Song of India, etc. The quality is OK on this mute. Just pull out your tuning slide and go to town.