Robinson R22: A Pilot's Guide

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June 24, 2020
Was as discribed
Okie Doc
May 3, 2018
Great manual. I'd stil lbe using this thing if renting an R-22 didn't cost $300 bucks an hour. Stick with fixed wing.
October 11, 2018
Good info
May 24, 2014
This is a quick read, and doesn't cost much, but it also isn't very useful. As an overview, it's better than nothing, but the organization and quality of writing leave a lot to be desired. Did anyone even proofread it? It's written in British English using an erratic mixture of US and UK aviation terminology, and much of the writing is inexcusably bad. The organization is poor: it actually repeats a substantial section on weight and balance. Some of the reference tables in the appendix are pixelated bitmap images. Someone couldn't have created their own conversion table for feet and meters?

The instrument panel was of particular interest to me, but it appears in only one place, in a picture that's too small to interpret, and without supporting text. In fact, the sole purpose of that figure was to discuss the warning lights that the reader can't even see.

I learned a little, but I wouldn't recommend this if it's the only book you're going to get.
February 12, 2013
I am new to heli training, and I bought R22 Pilot's Guide by John Swan based on relatively good reviews here at Amazon. There is another review here at Amazon that points at low quality of writing, but I thought that It can't be that bad! Well, I was wrong.
The language of this book is horrible. Reading this book felt like breaking a spy code. The book is filled with long run-on sentences and really bad punctuation. The author combines multiple ideas into one sentence as if he is charged per every period that he puts in this book. Here is a typical sentence from this book (page 1-18):
The alternator is the primary source of power to the electrical system in normal operations, with engine running, the alternator produces alternating current (AC) which is converted into direct current (DC) by diodes incorporated in the alternator housing which act as rectifiers.
A sentence like that won't pass even a middle school writing test; it doesn't look like anybody did a proof reading before this book was published.
There are plenty of illustrations in this book, which would have been good if all of them were legible. Many pictures are not even focused on the subject of the discussion. For example, the illustration next to Warning Lights chapter shows the whole instrument panel - from cyclic to the top of the panel. If you have never been in R22 before, you would have hard time locating tiny warning lights in this picture. Needless to say that captions under each warning light are not readable because the picture is not even focused on warning lights.
I give 2 stars to this review because the book is factually correct.
I do not know what alternatives to this book are available in the market, but I encourage perspective students to look around before ordering this book.
Good luck mastering R22. It is fun after all!